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Jewelry SPA

Refresh, Repair and Renew your Jewelry

  • 1 h

Service Description

JEWELRY SPA We strongly recommend for your jewelry to be professionally inspected and cleaned regularly, especially the jewelry you wear the most. By doing this, you will extend the lifetime and value of your jewelry and ensure your stones & clasp are secure to prevent loss. Please note, pricing for our services varies due to the uniqueness of each and every jewel. SERVICES WITHIN THE HOUR: 1 DIAGNOSIS & QUALITY CONTROL: >Complimentary with Cleaning Service: We will start with a quick diagnosis before cleaning & then quality control once the piece is clean to make sure your jewelry is in good structural shape. We will check for loose or missing stones, damaged prongs, weakened clasps and any other issues that could compromise your jewelry. 2 CLEANING & UV STERILIZATION: >Start at $5/piece (QC included) SERVICE: We use a heated ultra-sonic machine and a powerful steam cleaner to remove any excess dirt and residue. We will then dry your jewelry & sterilize under UV lights. 3 REFRESH: >Start at $15/piece (QC + Cleaning included) SERVICE: “quick shine” to revive the metal and gemstone to sparkle again. 4 FULL POLISHING: >Start at $25/piece (QC + Cleaning included) SERVICE: Removing deep marks & Knicks / restoring to its original aspect. SERVICE WITHIN THE WEEK: 5 RESTORATION: >Start at $35 CLEAN , POLISH & RHODIUM or GOLD PLATE: SERVICE: Recommended for white gold and sterling silver to enhance the brilliance of the metal: Removing the layer of rhodium, polishing & re-rhodium plating. 6 REPAIR: >Quote upon inspection The restoration service is recommended if your jewel has endured significant damage. This service involves ensemble of meticulous and delicate operations that will give your jewel its original aspect. 1 Inspection 2 Restoration 3 Polishing 4 Cleaning *For more information about these different services, please see our REPAIRS & RESIZING page. Every client will receive a Loyalty card. After X10 SPA you will get: Free Clean & Refresh on one jewel of your choice.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us a least 24 hours in advance. Thank you.

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